Tools and Resources: ECG Interpretation

– Available from University of Calgary Medical Bookstore

Marriott’s Practical Electrocardiography
Good reference textbook – starts with basic principles, quite comprehensive and detailed.

Rapid Interpretation of ECG (Dale Dubin)
Good introduction to basics, not a lot of depth or breadth.

12-Lead ECG – The Art of Interpretation (Tomas Garcia)
Intermediate in detail between Dubin’s book and Marriott.

12-Lead ECGs: A “Pocket Brain” for Easy Interpretation (Ken Gauer)
Pocket-sized reference provides key facts and figures; includes numerous memory aids.

ECG Criteria Book (James H O’Keefe)
Includes ECG criteria for 125 ECG diagnoses, sections on approach to ECG interpretation,
differential diagnosis of ECG abnormalities, and ACLS algorithms.

Complete Guide to ECGs (James H O’Keefe)
Intermediate (for somebody wanting to refine their 12-L interpretation skills and not for a
beginner); includes core concepts and interpreting ECGs in quiz format

Online Resources
From Harvard, a web-based tutorial, self-assessment program for students and clinicians; Includes more than 434 cases, sortable by diagnosis and
A wiki site with a free ECG tutorial, textbook, online videos, reference card and sample cases.
Clinical Electrocardiography, 1999
The members only reference section of the CMA website provides access to a full-text online version of this ECG textbook. Use your password to access the Members Only section. Go to Clinical Resources, MD Consult, Clinical Knowledge, Reference Texts, Cardiology. Select Goldberger, Clinical Electrocardiography, 2006.
Library of ECG Recordings
The site authors have put online a collection of ECG recordings, many in 12-lead format, that can be used for teaching and review purposes. There is also a list of other sites related to ECG interpretation that might be helpful.
The Alan E. Lindsay ECG Learning Center
This is an online interactive tutorial hosted by the University of Utah School of Medicine. It is organized in sections based on a recommended method of ECG interpretation. Each section provides didactic information, illustrations, and an interactive quiz.
ECG World Encyclopedia
ECG tracings in a number of different categories (e.g. infarction, arrhythmias, conduction abnormalities) are presented, as well as a link to an interpretation and/or comments on each. The site is suitable for teaching and review purposes.
ECG basics. Online tutorials and practice modules.