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Part 1: Vaccines

Part 2: Advanced Oxygenation Therapies

Rural ER Management in the Time of COVID-19

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Time Question
43:11 Have you considered Helmet based NIV?
45:34 Is ultrasound preferable to portable x rays in COVID 19 patients?Do we use ultrasound just to avoid more people ( from radiology)getting exposed?

Is CXR useless at early stages of Covid pneumonia,so why to do it at all?

47:16 We all observe potential vectors in our community, was the local medical professionals able to address infection control issues with Cargill before the outbreak? If so, how and where do you think improvements could have been made. If not, how do you think it could have been done?
49:23 Should these patients with COVID+ ,have a pulse oxymeter at home when being followed remotely ?
52:49 I see in one slide we used Zithromax? What is the rational?
53:51 Any case experiences on Happy Hypoxemic?
56:47 How did High River arrange isolation in multigenerational housing, did you use isolation centres or hotels?

COVID CORNER: The Critically Ill COVID-19 ICU Patient

Presentation and Q&A



Panelists also provided answers to additional questions that were not answered live: Panelist Responses

Time Question
1:37:18 I’ve heard that asthma has *not* been found to be a specific risk factor for people doing poorly with COVID-19 - true in our local experience? (And if so, why would that be?)
1:38:38 Any comment on why males do worse? (One theory I’ve heard is that the ACE2 receptor gene is on the Y chromosome?)
1:39:54 Before COVID patients with pneumonia on Oxygen get to the point of needing ventilation does periodic proning have any benefit in reducing their oxygen requirements or delaying/avoiding need for intubation/ventilation?

Do we use the prone position for other respiratory patients on the ward, eg. COPD patients or CF patients?

1:45:14 There is evidence that cytokine strom play a role for poor prognosis of sick patient from COVID 19. Any clinical guidelines for the management?
1:47:03 What about smoking/ecigarette as. risk factors?
1:49:38 Are you seeing covid toes in the ICU?
1:51:44 Anecdotally, there have been reports of patients testing positive, then negative and then positive again. Do you believe this is a sampling error or is there something different about this virus or our testing methodology?"
1:54:32 Will there be COVID+ units and hot/cold zones?
1:58:07 Specific considerations for palliative care/goals of care in the ICU?
1:59:36 Updated visitation policy?






Essential COVID-19 information for all AHS staff on predictive risk tests for clinical Deterioration

COVID-19 Scientific Advisory Group Rapid Response Report

COVID-19: a remote assessment in primary care, BMJ 2020; 368 doi: https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj.m1182 (Published 25 March 2020)

Calgary Emergency Medicine Department COVID-19 Airway Management