3. Advancing coaching excellence

We are excited to offer education about coaching in special settings, the topics under development are:  ➊ Coaching for Quality Improvement with a group ➋ Coaching for Surgical and Procedural skills ➌ Coaching for Competence   More information will be provided to you once they launch. 

Course Evaluation

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0. Orientation

How to use technology in this course Peer Coaching for Practicing Professionals is an interactive, blended course that uses online ECME modules, Zoom, and an interactive discussion. This section will provide you with instructions on how to use each element.  Online Modules Zoom Discussion Forum Online Modules It is not recommended to access the online […]

2. Coaching for change

Using a pragmatic, evidence informed model to structure a coaching conversation may help coaches apply guiding principles and skills when coaching for change.  Learning Objectives Upon completion of this module, you will be equipped to: Apply a coaching model to your interactions with a coachee Create a coaching for change culture 2.1. Exploring a coaching […]

1. Core coaching skills and guiding principles

Introduction to successful coaching Successful coaching requires understanding, developing, and applying guiding principles and skills in a safe, respectful manner. Learning Objectives Upon completion of this module, you will be equipped to:   Describe the role of a coach Articulate the skills required to be an effective coach Explain the processes that contribute to effective […]