CCFP Preparation Course (Online Modules)


This course is designed for practice eligible physicians (see below for eligibility definition) who are preparing to undertake the CCFP Exam*. The course will provide participants with an overview of the principles of family medicine, an overview of the patient-centred clinical method, pre-course practice with Short Answer Management Problems (SAMPs) and feedback, an opportunity to practice writing SAMPs in an exam-like setting and to discuss the SAMP component of the exam. NOTE: content of this course is not endorsed by The College of Family Physicians of Canada nor is it reviewed by the Board of Examiners at the College to ensure alignment with the CCFP certification examination. Participating in the course does not guarantee success on the certification examination.

*The September 2020 session of the Preparation Course for the CCFP Exam focuses on the SAMPs only. The CFPC cancelled the SOOs component of the Certification Examination in Family Medicine during 2020.

Completion of the online pre-course module is mandatory prior to the workshop. We do track the completion of the online module to ensure the expected learning outcome. Participants will then attend a three-hour workshop.


It is not recommended to access the online modules on smartphones at this point as your learning experience might be compromised.

There are required learning activities in the course, such as reviewing video materials, viewing and downloading PDF resources.

‘RESUME LEARNING”: Please be aware that it may take you up to one hour to complete the modules. For the convenience of self-paced learning, you may exit from the middle of the course and come back later. When you log into the e-learning portal again, click on ‘RESUME LEARNING’, and you will be redirected to where you left last time.

CME Certificate / Certificate of Completion for the Online Modules: Once you have completed the modules, you will receive an email confirmation of your completion of the pre-work modules.


At the end of this program, the participant will be equipped to:

  • Apply a planned approach to SAMPs components of the Certification Examination in Family Medicine
  • Recognize techniques to improve performance at the Certification Examination in Family Medicine


This pre-course activity is not accredited.


Material presented are in compliance with the University of Calgary Copyright Policy, Acceptable Use of Material Protected by Copyright.

Course materials are for individual use only and not to be distributed.

  • This course has received no commercial sponsorship support.

Course Content