Registration and ECME Profiles

How do I register for an ECME e-Learning course?

In order to register for an e-Learning course, you will need an QuICR Acute Stroke Care e-Learning profile. Once you have created a profile, or have logged into your existing profile, you can register for the e-Learning courses here.


What do I do if I forget my password?

Please use the Contact Us form to request a new password. A team member will email you a new password.

Can I change my username, email, or password?

After creating your profile, you will will not be able to change this information.


What does a course look like? 

Each course has similar content structure of Course > Modules > Topics. You can always find the table of content in the right (widget) area of a page.

How is my completion of learning activities recorded/tracked?

Make sure to click the ‘Mark Complete’ button at the bottom of the page when you complete a module.

What is this comment field in a page of a course?

The comment field serves as discussion board for learners. You are encouraged to reflect on your learning and leave comments, as well as respond to other learners’ comments. Please be respectful and courteous, as if you were having a face-to-face discussion.

May I revisit a course that I have completed?

You may revisit the course content that you have completed as long as the program is not closed.

What information related to the courses can I access without revisiting the course content?

Tools and Resources are outside of the courses. You can directly visit these resources for topic specific support needs; you don’t have to log in and go back to the course content.

Can I enrol in courses that are not required for my profession?

After you complete the course that is designed for your profession, you may register for the full version of the course, which has all the modules and topics. It is for review only and has no CME certificate attached.