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Registration F.A.Q.

I registered for a course, but it’s not showing up under ‘My Courses’!
  • Access to virtual conference pages on ECME is not automatic. You will need to complete a short access form to give your ECME profile access to the conference page. The link to this access form is in the email you were sent the day prior to the conference, titled something similar to ‘Instructions for [Course Name] Webinar Access’.
      1. Click the “Access to [Course Name]” button in that email to be taken to ECME, and
      2. Follow the instructions on ECME to use your existing profile to access the course.
  • If you cannot find the access link, please contact the ECME team at
  • If you are enrolled in the following courses, you will need to complete these steps:
    • Poison and Drug Information Service (PADIS) (November 07, 2020)
    • Pearls for Family Practice (November 19-20, 2020)
    • Liver Disease 2020 (December 4-5, 2020)
    • 37th Annual Emergency Medicine for Rural Hospitals (January 15-16, 2021)
How do I register for an ECME self-learning course?
  1. Select an online course from the course listing
  2. Fill out the registration form and click ‘Submit’
How do I get my CME Certificate?
  • On your ‘My Courses’ page, you should see a green checkmark and a ribbon icon next to each of your completed courses. Click the ribbon icon to download a PDF copy of your CME certificate