Understanding MyPI

MyPI tool is developed By Physicians For Physicians

The aim is to simplify the documentation and submission of a Physician Practice Improvement (PPI) cycle, whilst coaching you through the optimal steps for quality improvement. MyPI is relevant for all physicians, and is not specific to specialty or location. 

Click here to learn more about the CPSA PPIP cycle.

The process of completing an activity takes 3 steps.
  1. Identify a practice improvement opportunity
  2. Create a change plan
  3. Review your progress
These steps take the key 5 stages of reflective improvement identified by FMRAC and morphs this into three distinct stages to document practice improvement activities.

What does MyPI look like

The following image is an example of what one section of MyPI looks like as you go through.  

Throughout MyPI content is carried over, so you don't have to recall what you filled in during your last step in the process.

Additional articles can be found in Resources and Help, to make you more successful in your projects. (This is a growing library)

Coaching is provided with the tool in short snippets. Additional resources will be linked within the coaching blocks.

Content can be populated based on group or templated projects, making it easier to get started.

Tips & Coaching

Embedded in the interface are tips and coaching to make sure that you can effectively complete a PPI activity, regardless of your experience in quality improvement.

Use Practice Data

Data is used throughout the activity and myPI offers the ability to populate measures to help physicians be effective and efficient with their measurement choices that align with data available through dashboards.

Team Oriented

MyPI provides the ability to set up group projects and prepopulate content into the system.

In addition, physicians are able to add team members to their projects to receive the summaries of their work.

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