APASS: My Portfolio


The APASS: My Portfolio provides a place for you to record your learning in this program. The e-Portfolio documents your learning over time, and provides a place for you to store, analyze and reflect upon your own hard work in the APASS program.

As an e-Portfolio space for each participant of APASS, this is where you access program tools and resources, submitting your … …, viewing faculty feedback on your submissions, and make your commitment to change plan, updating it to track integration of the learning into your practice. 

Along the APASS program steps you will find the instruction and receive reminders for accessing your portfolio, completing documentation requirements.

Your portfolio in the APASS program is only accessible for you as well as the program teaching and support team. We do not share the information of your portfolio beyond the program teaching and personal learning.

Please feel free to contact ecme@ucalgary.ca if you encounter any issue during accessing your portfolio in APASS program.