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Dementia Behaviours & Appropriate Use of Antipsychotics

TOP Cognitive Impairment Guidelines

  • For Alberta primary care physicians and their interdisciplinary teams to assess patients presenting with cognitive concerns and manage the majority of these patients and support their caregivers

Cognitive Impairment: Professional Services and Resources in Alberta for Patient/Family/Caregiver and Future/Advanced Planning Tools & Tips for Aging Individuals

  • The supplement to the TOP Clinical Practice Guidelines above

Choosing Wisely Canada Antipsychotics Toolkit

  • To support interventions to reduce excessive use of antipsychotic medications in long term care facilities; content derived from the Appropriate Use of Antipsychotics (AUA) Toolkit developed by Alberta Health Services

Alberta Health Services – Seniors Health SCN: Appropriate Use of Antipsychotics (AUA) Toolkit

  • Providing health care professionals with direction regarding assessment and management of responsive behaviours associated with dementia

Alberta Referral Directory

  • Finding referral criteria/ info for seniors health in a variety of zones

Getting to Know You

  • Helping care teams get to know their patients past and present life experience (including, routine, preferences, triggers, soothing strategies and supports) to form the basis of a patient-centered care-plan

Nursing Assessment / Functional Inquiry

  • Carewest tool for full physical functional inquiry

Mental Exam

  • An example of mental examination approach

Goals of Care Designation (GCD) Order

  • A medical order used to describe and communicate the general aim or focus of care including the preferred location of that care

The ABC Approach to Accommodating and Managing Responsive Behaviours

  • A framework for systematically assessing factors that commonly contribute to responsive behaviours in older adults with dementia, to establish the timeline of behavioural events

Additional tools:

The PIECES Three Question Template

  • A tool used in the investigation of a new behavior

Responsive Behaviour Tracking and Assessment Tool

  • An example of structured approach to history of behaviours

Pharmacologic Restraint Management Worksheet

  • A tool for reviewing antipsychotic medication, pharmacologic restraint and responsive behavior

Inpatient Management of Delirium in Older Adults

  • Alberta Health Services clinical knowledge topic summary

Delirium Screening Tool: Confusion Assessment Method (CAM)

  • A tool for screening delirium

Palliative and End of Life Care: Symptom Assessment Tools

  • Helping health care providers with symptom assessment of palliative and end of life care patients

Serious Illness Conversation Guide

  • A tool for having difficult conversations with patients/caregivers

Palliative and End of Life Care: Care of the Family

  • Preparing to talk with families before, during, and after death

ECG Interpretation

Textbooks Available from University of Calgary Medical Bookstore

Marriott’s Practical Electrocardiography

  • Good reference textbook – starts with basic principles, quite comprehensive and detailed.

Rapid Interpretation of ECG (Dale Dubin)

  • Good introduction to basics, not a lot of depth or breadth.

12-Lead ECG – The Art of Interpretation (Tomas Garcia)

  • Intermediate in detail between Dubin’s book and Marriott.

12-Lead ECGs: A “Pocket Brain” for Easy Interpretation (Ken Gauer)

  • Pocket-sized reference provides key facts and figures; includes numerous memory aids.

ECG Criteria Book (James H O’Keefe)

  • Includes ECG criteria for 125 ECG diagnoses, sections on approach to ECG interpretation,
    differential diagnosis of ECG abnormalities, and ACLS algorithms.

Complete Guide to ECGs (James H O’Keefe)

  • Intermediate (for somebody wanting to refine their 12-L interpretation skills and not for a beginner); includes core concepts and interpreting ECGs in quiz format

  • ECG basics. Online tutorials and practice modules.

  • LITFL ECG Library. This is a free educational resource covering over 100 ECG topics relevant to Emergency Medicine and Critical Care.

  • From Harvard, a web-based tutorial, self-assessment program for students and clinicians; Includes more than 434 cases, sortable by diagnosis and

  • A wiki site with a free ECG tutorial, textbook, online videos, reference card and sample cases.

  • Clinical Electrocardiography, 1999
    The members only reference section of the CMA website provides access to a full-text online version of this ECG textbook. Use your password to access the Members Only section. Go to Clinical Resources, MD Consult, Clinical Knowledge, Reference Texts, Cardiology. Select Goldberger, Clinical Electrocardiography, 2006.

  • Library of ECG Recordings
    The site authors have put online a collection of ECG recordings, many in 12-lead format, that can be used for teaching and review purposes. There is also a list of other sites related to ECG interpretation that might be helpful.

  • The Alan E. Lindsay ECG Learning Center
    This is an online interactive tutorial hosted by the University of Utah School of Medicine. It is organized in sections based on a recommended method of ECG interpretation. Each section provides didactic information, illustrations, and an interactive quiz.

Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain



Health care providers in Alberta can order free of charge at
User ID: healthypublic
Password: healthy2013

Women can call Health Link 811 to find information on programs in their area

  • 5As for Pregnancy Weight Gain
  • AHS Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain Tools:
    • Pregnancy Weight Gain BMI Calculator
    • Poster on Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain
    • Pregnancy Weight Gain Graphs for Singletons (Underweight or Healthy Weight, Overweight or Obese)

Health care providers in Alberta can order free of charge at
User ID: healthypublic
Password: healthy2013

AHS Program or Service Search

    • In the dropdown menu for Search by Service Type select Food and nutrition

Inform Alberta

Registered Dietitian Information Outside of AHS:

Obesity Management

Where can I get more education about various aspects of obesity management?

Where can I find healthy pregnancy weight gain resources? (free of charge to Alberta Health Care Providers):

  • Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain graphs
  • BMI calculator wheels
  • Healthy Pregnancy weight gain poster

To order free copies of these resources visit here.

Where can I find good online resources about obesity management?

How can I connect with other people who are interested in obesity management and/or the field of obesity?

Where can I find more information about obesity bias and stigma?

If I have a patient who is moving to another area in Alberta, where can I find out what resources are available in that area?

What weight management options are the Primary Care Networks offering?

What treatment options are available for a patient requiring obesity management support?

Mental Health Programs and Services

Alberta Healthy Living Program [formerly Living Well with a Chronic Condition in Calgary and Better Choices Better Health (all zones)] – Provides support to individuals wanting to better manage their long-term medical condition

Where can I find more information about bariatric surgeries?

Where can I find resources to give my patients to support healthy lifestyle behaviours and weight management?

Healthy pregnancy weight gain resources:

What weight management treatment options are available for a patient under 18 years of age?

How do I know how to monitor weight and growth, and talk about it with families?

Where can I find resources about physical activity and sedentary behavior to give my patients and their families?

Where can I find resources about nutrition and healthy eating behaviours to give my patients and their families?

PROactive: Identifying and Managing Violence in the Workplace

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta

Canadian Medical Protective Association

Alberta Health Services
(While the policies apply to AHS staff, what the modules are sharing can also inform physicians working in any clinical setting.)

Crisis Prevention Institute

Doctors of BC

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

Wise Prescribing & Deprescribing: Opioid Skills for the Frontline Clinician

  • Opioid Manager
    National Pain Center
  • Navigating Opioids for Chronic Pain
    Developed by:
    Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Office, Faculty of Medicine’s , University of Toronto
    The Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada
    Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing
  • Community Based Naloxone Program
    Provided by Alberta Health Services
  • Alberta Healthy Living Program (AHLP)
    An integrated community-based chronic disease management program that includes the following services:
    • Patient education, including disease-specific and general health and lifestyle topics, such as nutrition (including for Irritable Bowel Syndrome), fatigue, fibromyalgia
  • Better Choices, Better Health® – Chronic Pain
    Provides free self-management workshops for people with chronic pain. Workshops are once a week for 2 ½ hours for 6 weeks with supervised exercises.
  • Specialist LINK
    A telephone advice line that family doctors can use to contact a specialist for advice about a patient in real time
    Provides advice from a chronic pain specialist — 403-910-2551 (toll-free 1-844-962-5465)
  • Power Over Pain
    A nationally-curated clearing house of chronic pain resources, including online CBT and exercise resources.
  • The Pain Toolkit
    Helping people all over the world self manage persistent pain
  • The Free Mindfulness Project
  • Calm (website and smartphone app)
    Mindfulness meditation; free content available
  • Dr. Christopher Germer
    Mindfulness meditation, self-compassion, relaxation; free downloads available
  • Dr. Dan Siegel
    Videos and supportive material
    Mindful Breathing with Dr. Daniel J. Siegel on YouTube (7 minutes):
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