Commitment to Change – Tool

MyPI Resources and Help Commitment to Change Hidden_Session_ID As part of my participation in the session, I am committed to the following change(s) in my practice:What change are you going to make?What are the expected benefits? When will you make the change? Tomorrow/next shift Within 2 weeks Within 1 month I feel confident about implementing […]

What to expect from MyPI

Understanding MyPI MyPI tool is developed By Physicians For Physicians The aim is to simplify the documentation and submission of a Physician Practice Improvement (PPI) cycle, whilst coaching you through the optimal steps for quality improvement. MyPI is relevant for all physicians, and is not specific to specialty or location.  Click here to learn more about […]

Resources for Physician Practice Improvement

MyPI Resources and Help Resources for Physician Practice Improvement (PPI) General CPSAPPIP Information & resources available online CFPCProfessional Learning Plan HQCARequest a Primary Healthcare Panel Report Physician Learning Program (PLP) or e-mail: / EPIQThe EPIQ Workshop: Training front-line teams in quality improvement methods Primary Care Provincial Networks of Practice  Provincial Practice Facilitator Network […]

Older Project Examples

These examples were made in the previous version of MyPI. New examples are coming soon! Project Example: Bronchiolitis (Emergency Care) This project uses reports provided by the Physician Learning Program Project Example: Diabetic Population follow-up (Primary Care) Project example aims to update and connect with diabetic population post pandemic.