AHS 20-Hour Breastfeeding eLearning Course: Breastfeeding Support Skills & Assessment

  ABOUT THIS MODULE This module will help you to learn more about supporting the breastfeeding dyad relationship, cue-based feeding, and effective latching. You will also be introduced to the components of a breastfeeding assessment and will have the opportunity to practice your assessment skills through scenario-based learning.  LEARNING OBJECTIVES After completing this module, you […]

AHS 20-Hour Breastfeeding eLearning Course: Informed Feeding Decisions

ABOUT THIS MODULE Curious about how you can best support families with their infant and child feeding decisions? This module will provide you with the knowledge and skills to facilitate Informed Feeding Decisions (IFDs) across the continuum of care. A note on inclusive terminology: This module uses gender-neutral terminology whenever possible. In some instances, gender-specific […]

AHS 20-Hour Breastfeeding eLearning Course: Positive Breastfeeding Support

ABOUT THIS MODULE Do you ever wonder how you can contribute to a more positive breastfeeding experience for the families you work with? Positive Breastfeeding Support is part of a series of eLearning modules in the AHS 20-Hour Breastfeeding Course. This module will enhance your interpersonal skills as you help families navigate through their breastfeeding […]

AHS 20-Hour Breastfeeding eLearning Course: Including Partners and Supporters

ABOUT THIS MODULE Sometimes health care professionals can feel uncertain about how to best support the breastfeeding family as a whole. This module will provide you with the interpersonal knowledge and skills you need to encourage partner and close supporter involvement in the breastfeeding team. Including Partners & Supporters explores family perspectives on breastfeeding support […]

AHS 20-Hour Breastfeeding eLearning Course: Introduction to Breastmilk and Breastfeeding

ABOUT THIS MODULE Are you new to breastfeeding support or need a refresher on breastfeeding anatomy, physiology, nutrition, health benefits, and safety? This 2-hour module will provide you with foundational knowledge on these topics from evidence-based, patient and family centred care, and Informed Feeding Decisions perspectives. A note on inclusive terminology Some individuals who lactate […]