Including Partners and Supporters



Sometimes health care professionals can feel uncertain about how to best support the breastfeeding family as a whole. This module will provide you with the interpersonal knowledge and skills you need to encourage partner and close supporter involvement in the breastfeeding team. Including Partners & Supporters explores family perspectives on breastfeeding support and provides you with strategies to help your practice and workplace become more partner and supporter-friendly.

A note on inclusive terminology:

Some expectant or breastfeeding parents or parents who are considering breastfeeding or expressing their milk may not identify as mothers or as female, but as male, non-binary or gender diverse. These parents may not identify with the terms breasts or breastfeeding, and prefer alternative terminology, such as chest, chestfeeding or human milk feeding. In all circumstances, health care professionals will utilize patient and family centered care to be responsive to the particular context, self-identified gender, pronouns and preferred terminology of the families they support.

This module uses gender-neutral terminology whenever possible, such as the use of partner and breastfeeding parent instead of father and mother. In some instances, gender-specific terminology is used to accurately reflect the literature being cited.

Additional module resources:

AHS Breastfeeding Education




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After completing this module, you will be equipped to:

  • Recognize the influence and perspectives of partners and supporters on breastfeeding
  • Recognize the different ways partners and supporters can be responsive to the breastfeeding parent’s needs
  • Apply strategies that facilitate partner and supporter involvement in breastfeeding
  • Apply the LEARN model to facilitate partner and supporter involvement in breastfeeding


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Sanjeev Bhatla MD CCFP Nothing to Declare Calgary Foothills Primary Care Network
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Shawna Lamond MD CCFP IBCLC Speaker Honoraria: Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary Calgary Foothills Primary Care Network
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Dolly Bondarianzadeh MSc PhD (Chair)
Farah Bandali MSC RD
Sanjeev Bhatla MD CCFP
Eliana Clay MA CE
Shawna Lamond MD CCFP IBCLC
Gloria Keys MD CCFP
Lynnea Knight MPH RN
Kelly MacGregor MD CCFP IBCLC
Amelie Stritzke MD FRCPC
Chloe Burnett (CME Representative)


AHS Early Years Health Promotion would like to thank all stakeholders across the maternal-child continuum of care who were involved in the development of this module.


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